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March 12-16, 2014
ASBP - Spring Obesity Conference
Philadelphia, PA

April 10-12, 2014
American College of Physicians (ACP) - Internal Medicine
Orlando, FL

June 15, 2014
Canadian Association of Bariatric Physicians & Surgeons
Toronto, Ontario

June 21, 2014
ASBP - 1 Day Workshop
Atlanta, GA

July 25-28, 2014
International Academy of Cardiology
Boston, MA

July 26, 2014
ASBP - 1 Day Workshop
Charlotte, NC

August 9, 2014
ASBP - 1 Day Workshop
Richmond, VA

August 26-30, 2014
International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders (IFSO)
Montreal, Canada

September 10-14, 2014
64th Annual Symposium (ASBP Fall Event)
Austin, TX

October 18-20, 2014
Canadian Chiropractic Conference (One Concept Conference)
Niagara Falls, Ontario

October 21-26, 2014
American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP)
Washington, D.C.

November 2-7, 2014
TOS/ASMBS - Obesity Week
Boston, MA

Medifast Medical Providers

Since 1980, over 20,000 doctors have trusted the Medifast brand to provide their patients with the highest quality, nutritious weight-loss and weight-management solutions. Medifast programs and products were developed by a physician and have been clinically proven in numerous studies conducted by major university teaching hospitals.

New Products

Flavors of Home
*Each Flavors of Home™ meal counts as one Lean & Green Meal on the Medifast Program. Not a Lean food as per 9 CFR 317.362 for fat content.

Flavors of Home

It's the perfect answer to dinner when life's just too busy for cooking. Each Flavors of Home™ counts as the "1" on the 5 & 1 PlanŽ and is a Lean & Green Meal on the Medifast Program— with the right portions of lean protein, vegetables, and healthy fat.Shop Now

Gingerbread Soft Bake

Gingerbread Soft Bake

Bake some goodness into your day with the Soft Bake that harkens to simpler times. Our warm, sweet gingerbread with a touch of molasses is the perfect start — or finish — to any day on plan. It's a mouthful of magic. Shop Now